The Japanese defense forces couldn't stop Godzilla.....I captured the beast!

The Japanese defense forces couldn't stop Godzilla.....I captured the beast!
Spied this over Route 128 on my way home from work. Dirty windshield and strong sun glare I had to darken the image and crop out the sun. That's the only edit to what's probably my worse quality image. I figured some would get a kick out of it so I posted the pic on facebook. A few shares later it's gone world wide! Who would of thunk it?

Why I created this......

Born and raised in Gloucester, Ma fishing gets in your blood. Surrounded by the sea, kids here have a boat almost as much as kids elsewhere have bicycles! As I grew older my fishing ambitions gave way to what's around me. Although I still "drop a line" every so often, my attention wanders to the majesty of the natural light that make this place so special. Never is each day the same. The subjects may be the same but the light from the sea & sky will morph the subject into a form of art. For that reason artists have been drawn to these shores for several hundred years, they followed the light painting and sketching these surroundings. What artists capture with paint on canvas, I attempt to capture with a click.....if I'm lucky!

I guess that's a sort of Fish'n!

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"A Gloucester Christmas ! "

My Views of Gloucester !

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Sad Day....Time To Haul Hull !

It's always a sad day when it's time to haul the boat out for the year. This year however I hardly had the time to use it with the new job. Sometimes working seven days a week, it was tough to schedule time on the boat. Perhaps next season now that I know the commercial fishing patterns I'll find the time to use it more often. But I was rewarded during the short hop over to the boat ramp with an amazing sky!
Once I got her home it was time to powerwash the the dark!

The boat looks lonely at the dock.

Here's a homemade pilot house. My last post I caught her going through the harbor.

Smith Cove

Boats at Rocky Neck.

Fishing boats at the Rocky Neck Marine Railways.

Sun setting on the city.

Tarr & Wonson Paint Factory

Ten Pound Island Light

Painted sky...At least it looks that way.

"Yankee Clipper" heads in.

Blynman Bridge

Passing through.

MBTA train heads into Gloucester.

At the ramp....I didn't even notice the colors of the trees when I took this!

Hauled out.

Friday, October 29, 2010

From One Day To Another !

Boy can the weather here make a turn around. This is when boats get hauled out for the season,raking leaves and getting the snow blower ready for winter. I just reminded myself to take the air conditioner out of the window!

A tiny bit of blue.

"Comet" flying a pirate flag!

Strange looking pilot house!

Gardner getting in shape!

Eastern Point Lighthouse

Our Lady

Good Harbor Beach footbridge reflection.

Newell Stadium at sundown.

Fishermen's Memorial

Fitz Henry Lane house.

Working the docks at sundown.

Colorful sky.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

You Just Never Know......

From fog to sunshine, you never know what the weather will bring this time of year. Last week we had 50 degree temps and this week into the 60's. And you never know what you'll see around the area too!

A touching moment on the docks! What else did you expect me to write?

Gull overlooks the harbor.

Lobster boat "Black Pearl" passes Beacon Marine.

"Foxy Lady" and "Teresa Marie"

"Ramblin Rose"

Shooting hoops on the waterfront.

Swan family....The kids are almost grown!

Three Eiders.

Thatcher road and a bunch of birds.

Looking down the road.

Good Harbor Beach footbridge.

People and dogs.

Surfer looking for waves.

Thacher Island surrounded by fog.

"Comet" returns late in the day.

Monday, October 25, 2010

A Gloucester Autumn

The colors of Fall are here contasting to the blue sky when we have one. Pretty to look at but a mess to clean up!

Looking up to the sky!

The Unitarian Universalist Church steeple.
The locals call it "The UU Church"!

Annisquam footbridge.

Spanning Lobster Cove.

The colors of Fall.

Little River

Frenchmans Pier

Little River at low tide.

Good Harbor Beach boardwalk.

Bass Rocks Golf Club

Water hazard.

Hit it too long and the next hazard is the Atlantic Ocean!

On the green.

Autumn sunset

"Glosta Logic"

It's not "soda" and not "pop" or even "soda pop" it's "tonic"!
It's a "rotary" not a "roundabout"!
"Going up the line" is a term used when leaving the island!
A "jigga"is a homemade powerless go-cart!
It's not "Break Time or Coffee Break" it's "Mug-up"!
It's not a "water fountain" it's a "Bubbla"!

Angels in Disguise


Unloading Haddock !


25th Annual Gloucester Schooner Festival Slideshow !

SailGloucester 2009 Slideshow !

Allie Hates Soccer!