The Japanese defense forces couldn't stop Godzilla.....I captured the beast!

The Japanese defense forces couldn't stop Godzilla.....I captured the beast!
Spied this over Route 128 on my way home from work. Dirty windshield and strong sun glare I had to darken the image and crop out the sun. That's the only edit to what's probably my worse quality image. I figured some would get a kick out of it so I posted the pic on facebook. A few shares later it's gone world wide! Who would of thunk it?

Why I created this......

Born and raised in Gloucester, Ma fishing gets in your blood. Surrounded by the sea, kids here have a boat almost as much as kids elsewhere have bicycles! As I grew older my fishing ambitions gave way to what's around me. Although I still "drop a line" every so often, my attention wanders to the majesty of the natural light that make this place so special. Never is each day the same. The subjects may be the same but the light from the sea & sky will morph the subject into a form of art. For that reason artists have been drawn to these shores for several hundred years, they followed the light painting and sketching these surroundings. What artists capture with paint on canvas, I attempt to capture with a click.....if I'm lucky!

I guess that's a sort of Fish'n!

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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Rule One In Tall Ship Watching.....

.....Never anchor near a Parade of Sail! Rule two.....Never anchor near a Parade of Sail! By now you probably know rule three! But it was a great event,the color,the ships and the majesty of it all. There was a lesson I learned while editing these photos. That is be careful on using initials instead of full names when naming a file. To save time I sometimes use the first initials of a vessel such as TEL for the "Thomas E. Lannon" and POB for the "Pride of Baltimore". But I had to hold back on using the first initials for the "Spirit of Bermuda"! That's right....SOB! To me it wasn't dignified ! But now that I think of it, she was involved in a collision at the start of the races. The "Spirit of Bermuda" rammed the schooner "Perception"! And I bet the first sounds out of the skipper of the "Perception" was...SOB!

Update! I just received an e-mail from Mr. Lou Grimaldi and he sent me stunning photos he took of the collision between the "Spirit of Bermuda" and the "Perception".
Lou was aboard the schooner "American Eagle".

Collision at sea!

Main boom of the "Perception" damaged!

No injuries repoted!

"Thomas E. Lannon" sails by anchored spectator vessel!

"Lannon" goes by!

"Lannon" approaches Fishermen's Memorial!

"Liberty Clipper" off Boulevard!

"Pride of Baltimore" close-up!

"Pride of Baltimore" stern view!

Passing port to port!

Back and forth!

"Alabama" before she raises sails!

"Fame" off Pavilion Beach!

"Fame" bow on!

"Fame" heads towards Ten Pound Island!

Crowds on deck!

Schooning off Eastern Point Light!

"Pride of Baltimore" bowsprit!

Off Eastern Point!

"American Eagle" off Eastern Point Light!

"Pride of Baltimore" and "Spirit of Bermuda"!

"American Eagle" offshore!

"Virginia" offshore!


Kathleen Valentine said...

Incredible --- just gorgeous.

The Early Birder said...

A fabulous experience...Cheers Jay.

Steve B said...

Awsome, Jay. Especially the Pride of Baltimore II. She didn't come into the Harbor near where we were but you got her Just Right with that stern shot! I didn't hear about the collision.

Jay Albert said...

I was probably 1/2 mile from the start line and didn't see the collision but heard about it later. With the schooners "jogging" every which way near the start,the last thing I wanted to do was get in the way.

A New England Life said...

It's too bad about the accident but as you say Jay, with so much going on things like that are bound to happen.

Wonderful photos. I can only imagine how majestic it must have been to see all those sails in and around the harbor.

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