The Japanese defense forces couldn't stop Godzilla.....I captured the beast!

The Japanese defense forces couldn't stop Godzilla.....I captured the beast!
Spied this over Route 128 on my way home from work. Dirty windshield and strong sun glare I had to darken the image and crop out the sun. That's the only edit to what's probably my worse quality image. I figured some would get a kick out of it so I posted the pic on facebook. A few shares later it's gone world wide! Who would of thunk it?

Why I created this......

Born and raised in Gloucester, Ma fishing gets in your blood. Surrounded by the sea, kids here have a boat almost as much as kids elsewhere have bicycles! As I grew older my fishing ambitions gave way to what's around me. Although I still "drop a line" every so often, my attention wanders to the majesty of the natural light that make this place so special. Never is each day the same. The subjects may be the same but the light from the sea & sky will morph the subject into a form of art. For that reason artists have been drawn to these shores for several hundred years, they followed the light painting and sketching these surroundings. What artists capture with paint on canvas, I attempt to capture with a click.....if I'm lucky!

I guess that's a sort of Fish'n!

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Monday, March 12, 2012

Calm Before The Storm!

Monday night the Joint Meeting of the Planning & Development Committee & the Gloucester Planning Board will hold a public meeting at City Hall @ 7:00pm that will help decide if a zoning overlay will be awarded to Beauport LLC. This would allow a hotel complex built on the site of the former Birdseye plant. Never in my memory have I heard so much debate, pro and con. There's no question that residents are passionate for their hometown on both sides of this issue and hopefully the Beauport group will get a fair evaluation. It's not everyday that no public funds could be used to revitalize a community as this one could do. With an under funded fire department and the same for the school system there's much on the line. Downtown businesses would also get a boost along with much needed infrastructure for local companies to lodge their guests locally. Perhaps this will be the catalysis that would entice other business ventures into Gloucester!
So the last few days I wandered around the waterfront capturing Gloucester that we call home.

Gull on the rail with the Birdseye plant in the background.

"Old Glory"

Breakwater from Stage Fort Park.

Low tide in Cripple Cove.

"David & Jenna II" with slack lines.

Tea Party Museum ship "Eleanor"

Rocky Neck Marine Railways.

"Phyllis A."

Gloucester waterfront

Tablet Rock at Stage Fort Park.

"Trapper John"

Reflective bow.

Pulling away.

Red boats at rest.

Harbor Cove

Ducks in Harbor Cove.

Birdseye plant just after the sun set.

Gull flies above.


Looking towards the Tavern.

Watch out when you step outside this door!

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