The Japanese defense forces couldn't stop Godzilla.....I captured the beast!

The Japanese defense forces couldn't stop Godzilla.....I captured the beast!
Spied this over Route 128 on my way home from work. Dirty windshield and strong sun glare I had to darken the image and crop out the sun. That's the only edit to what's probably my worse quality image. I figured some would get a kick out of it so I posted the pic on facebook. A few shares later it's gone world wide! Who would of thunk it?

Why I created this......

Born and raised in Gloucester, Ma fishing gets in your blood. Surrounded by the sea, kids here have a boat almost as much as kids elsewhere have bicycles! As I grew older my fishing ambitions gave way to what's around me. Although I still "drop a line" every so often, my attention wanders to the majesty of the natural light that make this place so special. Never is each day the same. The subjects may be the same but the light from the sea & sky will morph the subject into a form of art. For that reason artists have been drawn to these shores for several hundred years, they followed the light painting and sketching these surroundings. What artists capture with paint on canvas, I attempt to capture with a click.....if I'm lucky!

I guess that's a sort of Fish'n!

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Governor Hears The Fishermen !

You just never know who may show up during a fish weigh-out!
That was the case today when I was at Pigeon Cove Whole Foods down on the docks at work. As usual I brought along my camera when Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick arrived with Gloucester Mayor Carolyn Kirk,Senator Bruce Tarr and city councilor Vice President Safatia Romeo-Theken. With a fishing industry struggling with heavy regulations and questionable fish quotas the Governor came to Gloucester to hear concerns from fishermen, industry and community leaders in an effort to see how he can help. I must say that the Governor did spend his time listening and asking questions and appeared committed to "roll up his sleeves" in this very important issue.

This just in:
U.S. Commerce Secretary Gary Locke today announced that he is raising fishing limits on several fish stocks based on new scientific analysis, delivering on a commitment he made to Northeast fishermen and members of Congress.

The pollock limit was today raised from 6 to 36 million pounds. Previous recent actions have also raised the spiny dogfish limit from 12 to 15 million pounds and revised the skate limit upward from 67.5 to 90.5 million pounds. Another pending action proposes to increase the red crab limit from 3.56 to 3.91 million pounds. These increases in catch limits were put in place by NOAA, the agency that studies and manages federal fishery resources.

Governor Patrick talking to fisheman.

The Governor listens.

Watching the weigh-out.

Senator Bruce Tarr, Mayor Carolyn Kirk, Governor Deval Patrick and City Council VP Safatia Romeo-Theken

Senator Bruce Tarr grabbed my camera and took one with me and the Governor. Dispite the ugly mug next to the Governor, I thought The Senator took a great photo!

"Ambjorg & Julie" heads in.

"Lily Jean" in the morning mist.

In Harbor Cove.

"Dog Star" enters the harbor.


Schooner "Thomas E. Lannon" designed after a true Gloucester fishing schooner passes the Paint Factory.


A New England Life said...

It sure is busy down there on the docks. In the water too!

Look at you in your Gloucester hat. Oh yeah, born and raised!

I like that Lily Jean in the mist photo. Very nice!

Jay Albert said...

Thanks Sharon!
Wearing a hat on the docks is a must for two reasons.
#1(While in the processing plants) USDA regulations.....prevent human hair in food products.
#2 Seagulls!
And #2 is the reason I don't wear a new hat....literally!

A New England Life said...


"Glosta Logic"

It's not "soda" and not "pop" or even "soda pop" it's "tonic"!
It's a "rotary" not a "roundabout"!
"Going up the line" is a term used when leaving the island!
A "jigga"is a homemade powerless go-cart!
It's not "Break Time or Coffee Break" it's "Mug-up"!
It's not a "water fountain" it's a "Bubbla"!

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