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Born and raised in Gloucester,Ma fishing gets in your blood. Surrounded by the sea, kids here have a boat almost as much as kids elsewhere have bicycles! As I grew older my fishing ambitions gave way to what's around me. Although I still "drop a line" every so often, my attention wanders to the majesty of the natural light that make this place so special. Never is each day the same. The subjects may be the same but the light from the sea & sky will morph the subject into a form of art. Artists have been drawn to these shores for several hundred years,they followed the light painting and sketching these surroundings. What artists capture with paint on canvas, I attempt to capture with a click.....if I'm lucky!

I guess that's a sort of Fish'n!

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Monday, April 21, 2014

Here Comes The Easter Bunny!

The Easter Bunny came to East Gloucester on a picture perfect Sunday afternoon. Even my dog Allie had fun meeting the Easter Bunny!

Here comes the Easter Bunny!
 The crowds gather.
 Just look at the excitement in those faces!
 There he is!
 The bunny wave!
 Easter Parade on its way.
 Easter egg & candy hunt!
 I found one!
 Bunny fans gather.
 Picture time!
 More pictures!
 And more pictures!
 Hamming it up!
 One sleeps while the other salutes!
 Allie jumping!
 Allie's first contact with a bunny!
 Walking with the Easter Bunny!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Spring Slowly Arrives!

It's not like turning on a switch and BANG Spring is here. No, it's taking a bit to see the trees and flowers bloom, but it's getting there. 

Stage Fort Park 
 Fishing vessel "Harmony" heads out.
 The old Birdseye plant.
 Majestic and colorful storm front passes Good Harbor Beach.
 Did I say colorful?
 Thacher Island and not really a rainbow but a rainbow stump!
 "Traveler" sits idle at the Jodrey Fish Pier.
 "Ugly Duck"
 "Angela Rose", "Bad Penny" and " Donna Marie"
 Sketch of a Humpback whale on the barge.
 Chopping ice!
 Fuel barge "Captain Dave".
 "Mary Alice" in need of a cleaning and paint!
 A drop of lens cleaner produces a prism effect of the Fishermen's Memorial.
 Sunset over the city.

Monday, April 07, 2014

Fog and Dusk!

Here's a look at what I took this weekend. Early morning fog and dusk. During the sunsets I focused on the indirect light on several of these photos. 

Foggy morning
 Lobster pots stacked.
USCG Cutter "Grand Isle"
 Sun behind the post.
 Empty floats
 North Shore Art Association
 Beacon Marine
 Good Harbor Beach
 The footbridge
 Post Office and City Hall
 Looking up the tower!
 Harbor Cove at dusk.
 The old Birdseye plant.
Greasy Pole in the calm harbor.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Old and New!

Finally I think we got past the snow but this week was rain and wind. Here I mix old and new photos from here and there.

"Teresa Marie II" enters the harbor in high wins as a crewman atop the pilot house attempts to secure the port outrigger.
"Michael & Kristen" heads out.
 "Gillian Anne" heading in.
 Climbing out of a trough!
 Plowing on.
Making headway!

 Boston in the distance.
 Off Magnolia.
 Gulls huddle on the Dog Bar Breakwater!
 Storm front approaches Gloucester.
 Good Harbor Beach.
 Massive storm front over Thacher Island.
 High tide at Beacon Marine Basin.
 Erosion along the Creek!
 A lone walker and Thacher Island.

"Glosta Logic"

It's not "soda" and not "pop" or even "soda pop" it's "tonic"!
It's a "rotary" not a "roundabout"!
"Going up the line" is a term used when leaving the island!
A "jigga"is a homemade powerless go-cart!
It's not "Break Time or Coffee Break" it's "Mug-up"!
It's not a "water fountain" it's a "Bubbla"!

Angels in Disguise


Unloading Haddock !


25th Annual Gloucester Schooner Festival Slideshow !

SailGloucester 2009 Slideshow !

"A Gloucester Christmas ! "

Allie Hates Soccer!